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Dec 2002/Jan 2003 Newsletter

The Prez Sez...

I'd like to wish everyone a very happy and relaxing (?) holiday season. Please take time to

do non-work related things. Remember that family and friends are so very important and it

seems that we just don't give them enough of our attention, so now is a great time to make

special plans to spend some much needed time with them. I myself have the most awesome

light display in my front yard! It took many hours over the Thanksgiving break but it was a lot

of fun to do. I am going to challenge the Osborne lights at Disney!

Sports Dance to Debut in Junior Olympic Games 2003

It's official! Sports Dance has been added to the J. O. Games for 2003! Because it is now

under the umbrella of gymnastics, Sport Dance will be known as TEAM PERFORMANCE

GYMNASTICS at the J. O. Games. Team Performance Gymnastics will be contested in the

same arena in the same time frame as artistic gymnastics, utilizing the floor ex mat. This will

give an opportunity for coaches to bring team performance groups to a national championship

and not have to travel to another venue if they have artistic gymnasts competing or have your

artistic gymnasts compete in Team Performance as well. Now is the time to get on the

bandwagon and develop a Sport Dance/Team Performance Gymnastics program in your

gym. It is easy, fun and profitable for your club. Rules went out in the information packet for

the Princess Classic. If you need rules of info call Kathy Stuenkel at 941-629-6967 or

941-627-5342 or Brenda Rossiter at Tampa Gym and Dance.

Cheerleading in Junior Olympic Games 2003

Shelly Paull, AAU National Cheerleading Chair, has announced the addition of cheerleading

in the 2003 JO Games in Detroit. Competition will be held July 29th in the Silver Dome.

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both Sport Dance and Cheerleading, the Star USA State Championships, to be held

March 29-30, will also be the National Qualifier for JO Games. This is a great opportunity to

take your all star cheer squads to an awesome National competition, or start an all star squad

in your gym. All squads in both the Star USA program and JO Games receive individual

awards and squad size can be small (12 or less) to large. All age/grade, novice and

advanced divisions are welcomed. Contact Shelly at 941-627-5342 or email at

[email protected] or contact Marci Schneider or Chad Payne, Star USA

Cheerleading Coordinators at 386-454-1779, for rules and info.

New Team Florida Gymnastics Manual Coming Soon

The 2003 manual will be mailed to all registered clubs in January. Its is being retyped by

Louise Wynn. She sends her apologies for getting this out late, but unfortunately, she has

experienced some health problems and had to go back on kidney dialysis. This setback put

her out of commission for about a month and set her back on her duties. She is doing much

better and will get out the new books asap. In the meantime, please make note of some



To Brandon Suntwisters, Broadway, North Central Florida YMCA and Horizon for hosting

terrific qualifiers. Thanks for making a great meet experience for all those involved. Also, a

thank you goes out to St. Cloud Gymnastics for hosting the state meet. There were some

unavoidable circumstances regarding this meet and the result was that the information for

meet times were not able to be sent out as quickly as planned. This was no one's fault, it just

happened. It is a huge undertaking to run a state competition with hundreds of gymnasts

involved and try as you might, everything can't be perfect. I know that St. Cloud has done

everything possible to make this event a wonderful experience for the kids, coaches and


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